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  • Mortification

    A collection of stories from some of the world's greatest writers about their own public humiliation. Humiliation is not, of course, unique to writers. However, the world of letters does seem to offer a near-perfect micro-climate for embarrassment and shame. There is something about the conjunction of high-mindedness and low income that is inherently comic; something about the very idea of deeply private thoughts -- carefully worked and honed into art over the years -- being presented to a public audience of dubious strangers, that strays perilously close to tragedy. Here, in over eighty contributions, are stories about the writer's audience, the fellow readers, the organiser, the venue, the 'hospitality', or the often interminable journey there and back. Then there are the experiences of teaching and being taught, reviewing and being reviewed, of festivals and writers' retreats, symposia, signing sessions, literary parties and prizes, the trips abroad, with all the attendant joys of translation and, finally, the bright worlds of television and radio that can bring so many more people to share in your shame. reader, apart from the sheer schadenfreude of it all, there is admiration too: for that acknowledgement of human frailty, of punctured pride, but also of the seeming absurdity of trying to bring private art into the public space. Contributions from, amongst others: Simon Armitage, Margaret Atwood, Julian Barnes, Louis de Bernieres, Margaret Drabble, Roddy Doyle, AL Kennedy, John Lanchester, Patrick McCabe, Rick Moody, Andrew Motion, Andrew O'Hagan, Colm Toibin, Irvine Welsh, James Wood.

  • Atlas routiers : Road Atlas Britain 2003 (en anglais)

    3.2 miles to 1 inch 1:200,000 The ultimate road atlas for the year 2003, featuring the exceptionally clear 'Collins' mapping from the Bartholomew digital database

  • Best Baby Names For Canadians

    What are the most popular first names in the NHL? In Quebec? In the far North? There are shelves of baby books out there, but none that takes a uniquely Canadian perspective. The Best Baby Names for Canadians offers an A to Z listing of more than 10,000 girls’ and boys’ names drawn from the comprehensive Collins database of names. Each entry features detailed origins, meanings, short-forms and pronunciations. Then, for true added value and interest, The Best Baby Names for Canadians features fun-to-read lists, resources, trivia and facts on what Canucks arecalling their kids.

    • The most popular names in Canada and in each province

    • You Say Brianna, I say Tianna: Canadian vs. American names

    • Your baby’s name and the stars

    • Endangered names and up-and-coming handles

    • Nicknames to know about

    • Names from the far North, Quebec and other distinctive regions of Canada

    • First names first: the names of 1,000 well-known Canadians

    • 2 minutes for name-calling: the most popular names of NHL players

    • Choosing a name: 25 real-life stories from Canadian parents and children

    From Aidan to Zoe, The Best Baby Names for Canadians will become the must-have baby name book for Canadian parents everywhere.

    Well-known Cancerians: Actors Dan Aykroyd, Genevieve Bujold and Pamela Anderson, and Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella were all born on Canada Day (July 1).

    When it comes to naming girls, Canadian parents choose T-names more often than Americans. Taryn, for example, is four times more popular in Canada than in the U.S.

    Canadian parents prefer boys’ names with Celtic origins more than Americans do. Liam is five times more popular in Canada than in the United States.

  • Scotch and Irish Whiskey

    A handy illustrated guide to over 150 Scotch and Irish whiskies and the distilleries that produce them. This new edition of the bestselling guide to the whiskies of Scotland and Ireland brings its contents completely up-to-date and reflects recent developments in the whisky industry in both countries. As with the previous edition, Collins Scotch & Irish Whisky features Clear, jargon-free information on over 150 whiskies including single and vatted malts, grain and liqueur whiskies, and most popular blends Details of bottling ages, strength and the availablility of miniatures Explanations of how whisky is produced, the different types of whisky available and the varying characteristics of regional malts a personal tasting log so that you can keep your own records of the whiskies you sample

  • Collins Gem School Thesaurus

    A brand-new school thesaurus in the best-selling Gem format, for 11+. This brand-new thesaurus has been written specially to help with homework. It provides thousands of synonyms to increase vocabulary, with the most important synonyms highlighted to help students make the right choice. It is suitable for 11+.

  • Chronicles of the Covenant

    The acclaimed fantasy epic, together in one volume.

  • The Diary of Samuel Pepys - 1665

    The sixth volume of the complete Diary of Samuel Pepys in its most authoritative and acclaimed edition.

    This complete edition of the Diary of Samuel Pepys comprises eleven volumes - nine volumes of text and footnotes (with an introduction of 120 pages in Volume I), a tenth volume of commentary (The Companion) and an eleventh volume of Index. Each of the first eight volumes contains one whole calendar year of the diary, from January to December. The ninth volume runs from January 1668 to May 1669.

    The Diary was first published in abbreviated form in 1825. A succession of new editions, re-issues and selections, published in the Victorian ear, made the diary one of the best-known books, and Pepys one of the best-known figures, of English history. But in none of these versions - not even in the Wheatley, which for long stood as the standard edition - was there a reliable, still less a full text, and in none of them was there a commentary with any claim to completeness. This edition was in preparation for many years, and remains the first in which the entire diary is printed and in which an attempt has been made at systematic comment on it.

    The primary aim of the principal editors was to see that the diary was presented in a manner suitable to the historical and literary importance of its contents. At the same time they had in mind the interests of the wide public of English-speaking people to whom the diarist himself, rather than the importance of what he wrote, is what matters.

  • The Power of Physical Intelligence: 10 Ways to Tap into Your Physical Genius

    The latest book in the 'Power of' series, which comprises The Power of Verbal Intelligence, The Power of Social Intelligence, The Power of Creative Intelligence and The Power of Spiritual Intelligence, from bestselling author Tony Buzan.

    - Physical Intelligence consists of overall physical fitness, balance, agility and coordination, anticipation, reaction time, strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. - It is a quality we all share. We can temporarily lose it - but it can always be regained. - By training yourself to be physically intelligent, you can become physically coordinated, balanced and poised. As you develop this intelligence, you will find yourself more able to play all and any physical sports. - The more balanced and physically fit your body becomes, the more balanced and mentally fit your brain will become. The two work in harmony.

  • Tommy: The British Soldier On The Western Front, 1914-1918

    The first history of World War I to place centre-stage the British soldier who fought in the trenches, this superb and important book tells the story of an epic and terrible war through the letters, diaries and memories of those who fought it.

    Of the six million men who served in the British army, nearly one million lost their lives and over two million were wounded. This is the story of these men - epitomised by the character of Sgt Tommy Atkins - and the women they left behind.

    Using previously unseen letters, diaries, memoirs and poetry from the years 1914-1918, Richard Holmes paints a moving picture of the generation that fought and died in the mud of Flanders. He follows men whose mental health was forever destroyed by shell shock, women who lost husbands and brothers in the same afternoon and those who wrote at lunchtime and died before tea.

    Groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed, this book tells the real story of trench warfare, the strength and fallibility of the human spirit, the individuals behind an epic event, and their legacy. It is an emotional and unforgettable masterpiece from one of our most important historians.

  • A Promise Of Hope

    Some children inherit "the family nose." Autumn Stringam and her brother Joseph inherited the family bipolar disorder, a severe mental illness that led to their mother's and grandfather's suicides. Autumn, at 22, was psychotic and in in a psychiatric hospital on suicide watch; Joseph, at 15, was prone to violent episodes so terrifying the family feared for their lives. But after they began taking a nutritional supplement developed by their father and based, incredibly, on a formula given to aggressive hogs--Autumn's and Joseph's symptoms disappeared. Today they both lead normal, productive lives.

    A Promise of Hope is the personal story of Autumn Stringam's flight from madness to wellness, all due to the vitamin and mineral supplement that works on the premise that some forms of mental illness are caused by nutritional deficiencies. An honest book that exposes the hidden torment of bipolar disorder, it is the story of a daughter seeking to forgive her mother. A Promise of Hope is also an astonishing scientific account that moves from a kitchen table in Alberta to the treatment offices of a distinguished Harvard pshyciatrist and into the labs of a skeptical medial establishment. It climaxes in a bitter--but eventually triumphant--battles with Health Canada, in which the tiny supplement company is exonerated and praised for saving the lives of thousands of Canadians previously thought lost to mental illness. More than anything, A Promise of Hope is a powerful story and a call for a new understanding of the causes of mental illness and its treatments.

    • 20% of Canadians will experience mental illness in their lifetimes
    • Over 300,000 Canadians are affected by bipolar disorder (or manic depression)
    • 15% of people with biploar disorder commit suicide
    • EMPower Plus, the supplement that worked for Autumn, is being used and studied around the world, reflecting the growing awareness of the role of micronutrients in normal brain function.

  • Atlas routiers : Colour Street Atlas - Edinburgh (en anglais)

    This full colour atlas with street level detail covers a large area of Edinburgh. The main features include: an enlarged central area; clear full colour street map; four pages of route planning maps at 4 miles to 1 inch; and a full index to street names and places. The atlas covers motorways, classified roads and street network; main railway lines and stations; and car parks.The area of coverage extends from Queensferry in the west to include Tranent in the east, and from the Firth of Forth in the north to Penicuik in the south.

  • The Lord of the Rings: Part Two: the Two Towers

    READ BY ROB INGLIS. The Two Towers is the second part of JRR Tolkien's epic masterpiece The Lord of the Rings. Frodo and the Companions of the Ring have been beset by danger during their quest to prevent the Ruling Ring from falling into the hands of the Dark Lord by destroying it in the Cracks of Doom. They have lost the wizard, Gandalf, in the battle with an evil spirit in the Mines of Moria; and at the Falls of Rauros, Boromir, seduced by the power of the Ring, tried to seize it by force. While Frodo and Sam made their escape the rest of the company were attacked by Orcs. Now they continue their journey alone down the great River Anduin - alone, that is, save for the mysterious creeping figure that follows wherever they go.

  • Gymnopédie No1 --- Piano

    La celebre premiere gymnopedie du compositeur francais Erik Satie (1866-1925) pour piano, revisee par Wilhelm Ohmen.

  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles

    new-look series of facsimile Hercule Poirot editions to bring her classic brand of detective fiction to a new readership. See also the two TV tie editions below.

  • Bomber Boys: Fighting Back 1940-1945

    Patrick Bishop looks at the lives and the extraordinary risks that the painfully young pilots of Bomber Command took during the air-offensive against Germany from 1940-1945. As featured on the BBC 1 documentary BOMBER BOYS, presented by Ewan McGregor. They came from every corner of Britain and its Empire. They were the best of their generation...heading for one of the worst tasks of WWII. Like RAF pilots, the thousands of brave young men who joined Bomber Command took to the air to help Britain triumph in World War Two. But in the glow of victory, the fighter pilots were lauded for their efforts while the Bomber Boys faded in national memory. Crucial in the heat of combat, they were politically awkward afterwards. Yet with an average life expectancy shorter than that of soldiers on the Western front in WWI, these men faced death, injury and capture time and again to send bombs through the shrieking flak onto enemy territory. `Bomber Boys' is a tribute to their strength, courage and heroism - filling in the historical blanks and immortalising their memory.

  • The One Minute Manager - GUNG HO

    A management guide outlining a simple, three-point plan for inspiring employees.

  • Light on Yoga

    B.K.S. Iyengar's Light On Yoga is established now as the classic text for all serious students of yoga.

  • Joseph's Mansions

    A thriller in the Dick Francis mould featuring Frankie Houlihan, Jockey Club Security Investigator. Frankie sets out to track down the kidnappers of Grand National favourite Angel Gabriel trying to save the much loved horse's owners, the Cassidy family the heartbreak he himself is enduring in his personal life. But pain, danger, lust, love and death are never far away in the dramatic world of National Hunt racing.

  • MAYFLOWER: A Voyage to War

    Nathaniel Philbrick, bestselling author of `In the Heart of the Sea', reveals the darker side of the Pilgrim fathers' settlement in the New World, which ultimately erupted in bloody battle some fifty years after they first landed on American soil. Behind the quaint and pious version of the Mayflower story usually taught in American primary schools is a tumultuous and largely untold tale of violence, subterfuge and epic drama. For amidst the friendships and co-operation that sprang up between the settlers and indigenous people, whose timely assistance on more than one occasion rescued the Pilgrims from otherwise certain death, a dark conflict was brewing. It erupted in King Philip's war, a terribly bloody conflict which decimated the English population and all but obliterated the Wampanoag. Following the Pilgrims from their perilous journey from England on a battered, leaky ship, through their first bitter North American winter (during which half of them died), to their equally bitter battle against the native Wampanoag tribe, Philbrick paints a vivid and panoramic picture of conflict and colonialism, co-operation and betrayal. In so doing he brings to life a cast of compelling, even heroic, characters, and sets the scene for the development of the American nation.

  • Paddington at the Palace

    New cover reissue of this funny picture book about Paddington, the beloved, classic bear from darkest Peru. When Mr Gruber takes Paddington to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard, there are so many people in the way he can't see a thing. Luckily, a mysterious someone `on high' appears to like small bears...

  • THE REAL WITCHES' HANDBOOK: a complete introduction to the craft

    Kate West explores the myths that surround witchcraft, its festivals, beliefs, practices, and folklore. She explains the responsibilities of becoming a witch, and provides all the magical and herbal spells you need - from charms to help you attract your ideal partner, to healing potions for natural beauty, to affirmations that will help you find empowerment.

  • Cirque Du Freak

    The chilling Saga of Darren Shan, the ordinary schoolboy plunged into the vampire world. Darren goes to a banned freak show with his best mate Steve. It's the wonderfully gothic Cirque Du Freak where weird, frightening half human/half animals appear who interact terrifyingly with the audience. Darren - a spider freak - 'falls in love' with Madam Octa - an enormous tarantala owned by Mr Crepsley. Darren determines to steal the spider so that he can train it to perform amazing deeds. But his daring theft goes horribly wrong and Darren finds himself having to make a bargain with a creature of the night. Something out of the ordinary is set against the background of children's normal lives to chilling effect. Atmospheric, funny, realistic, moving and... terrifying.

  • Freedom at Midnight

    On 14 August 1947 one-fifth of humanity claimed their independence in India. But 400 million people were to find that the immediate price of freedom was partition and war, riot and murder. In this reconstruction, Collins and Lapierre recount the eclipse of the British Raj and examine the roles enacted by, among others, Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Mountbatten in its violent transformation into the new India and Pakistan.

  • The Summer Garden

    A novel tracing the enduring power of love and commitment against the forces of war and the equally dangerous forces of keeping the peace From the bestselling author of The Girl in Times Square, comes the magnificent conclusion to the saga that was set in motion when Tatiana fell in love with her Red Army officer, Alexander Belov, in wartime Leningrad in 1941. Tatiana and Alexander have since suffered the worst the twentieth century had to offer. After years of separation, they are miraculously reunited in America, the land of their dreams. They have a beautiful son, Anthony. They have proved to each other that their love is greater than the vast evil of the world. But though they are only in their twenties, in their hearts they are old, and they are strangers. In the climate of fear and mistrust of the Cold War, dark forces are at work in the US that threaten their life and their family. Can they be happy? Or will the ghosts of yesterday reach out to blight even the destiny of their firstborn son? Epic in scope, masterfully told, The Summer Garden is a novel of unique and devastating emotional power that spans two thirds of the twentieth century, and three continents.

  • Daisy-Head Mayzie: Yellow Back Book

    When little Mayzie sprouts a daisy on top of her head, her world is soon turned upside down. Attacked by a swarm of bees, and harassed by doctors, florists, teachers and wheeler-dealers, Mayzie soon becomes a TV star when daisy-head fever hits the nation. With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr. Seuss has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years. Creator of the wonderfully anarchic Cat in the Hat, and ranked among the UK's top ten favourite children's authors, Dr. Seuss is a global best-seller, with over 650 million books sold worldwide. As part of a major rebrand programme, HarperCollins is relaunching Dr. Seuss's best-selling books. In response to consumer demand, bright new cover designs incorporate much-needed guidance on reading levels. The standard paperbacks divide into three reading strands - Blue Back Books for parents to share with young children, Green Back Books for budding readers to tackle on their own, and Yellow Back Books for older, more fluent readers to enjoy. This is a Yellow Back book.